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Daily Mail journalist Samantha Brick has become the victim of global ridicule after writing an article claiming that women hated her for being "so beautiful".

In the article "There are downsides to looking this pretty", the 41-year-old blonde claimed that because of her looks she had lost women friends.

She said in her bizarre article she was "probably one of very few women entering her fifth decade welcoming the decline of my looks" and sighed: "I can't wait for the wrinkles and the grey hair that will help me blend into the background."

Brick went on to detail her effect on the opposite sex by insisting that men often showered her with gifts including champagne, flowers, train tickets - and compliments.

However, her online confessional published on the Daily Mail website, caused a backlash and opened her up to a barrage of online mockery and taunts.

Her article became an Internet sensation with thousands of comments posted on the site.

Disgusted commentators who branded her as "delusional" also took to the web to express their opinion on her "lovely Looks".

She soon began trending on Twitter as users and even celebrities weighed in.

One user named @LouiseStewart wrote: "The realisation that I'm not pretty enough to have my female friends hate me just hit me like a ton of Samantha Bricks:"

While ‏DJ Lauren Laverne tweeted: "Why do people write articles like this? And why am I reading it?"

However, according to Brick, a former television reporter, she expected the criticism, and attributed the angry backlash again to jealousy. No surprises there then.

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