Danny Dyer was seen sporting a black eye at the V Festival on Sunday (21 August) sparking rumours that his recent Twitter spat with Mark Wright had escalated into a full blown brawl when they came face-to-face at the music festival.

The East End boys were reportedly spotted caught in a heated exchange at the end of Justin Bieber's headlining set. As their respective friends waded into the row, there was scuffle and security were forced to intervene.

A source told Mirror online: "It was EastEnders vs TOWIE, everything kicked off and security had to step in to break it up."

It was reported that Mark wasn't initially involved in the altercation, but on seeing his friends caught up in a row with the Eastenders actor, he went back to them in a bid to calm things down.

A source told Now Magazine: "Danny saw Mark and started shouting, 'Mark Wright you c**t! Mark Wright you tw*t'. "It was all kicking off. Mark was against a wall and was shouting back at him – shouting 'shut your f*****g face'. One of Mark's friends managed to break them apart and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area."

The magazine claims Mark was later seen speaking to friends on his phone.

"They were saying they stopped it because it was getting out of hand," a second source reportedly added. "Mark was saying he was fine and they were joking that Danny couldn't hit someone if he tried. Mark did seem put out though and spent a lot of time on the phone. In his first conversation he was angry and shouting a lot but when he was on the phone for the third time he had calmed down."

The source added: "Mark had nothing to do with a physical fight, he thinks it's just ridiculous. His mates got involved in a row with Danny and had his back after the recent drama, and a tweet posted by Danny. Mark was quite shocked and went over to find out what was going on."

Another source added: "Danny emerged this morning from his tent and appeared to have a black eye. But he still seemed to be in an upbeat mood." It's not known exactly how Danny ended up with a black eye.

Tensions between the pair appear to have mounted after Danny clashed with Mark's brother Josh on social media after they exchanged some angry tweets following an earlier dispute between the Eastenders hard man and the TOWIE star at a charity football match.

: "My worst nightmare would be listening to Heart FM while eating an Oykos yoghurt. It would be like p***ing razorblades."

Calm before the storm !! V fest !!

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Referring to the soap star's hated nickname, Josh hit back: "Malcolm you must still be hurting from when Mark gave you a slap in the changing room that day.get over it you melt (sic)"

Danny responded describing Mark as a 'disgrace' saying: "The fact I suffered it was there was kids waiting outside with months to live. He's a disgrace," he tweeted.

"We all know what happened. He took a bang liberty. End of. He ain't a bit on me. Crack on."

Neither Danny nor Mark have since responded to reports of their very public row.