Kerbal Space Progam PS4
A kerman astronaut yesterday. Squad

A port of PC indie hit space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program has been announced for the PS4 by its developer Squad via twitter.

An update on the official website includes a brief FAQ on what this means for both old and new players:

Why bring Kerbal Space Program to PS4?
As the fanbase of our game has grown, we've received a constant influx of pokes and requests from people asking us to bring our game to PS4. With the power of current generation PS4 and the flexibility and ease of use of the Unity engine, bringing KSP over to the PS4 is simply a no brainer. Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play.

How will the game work on PS4?
That's another thing we had asked ourselves for quite a while and simply had to make a goal: We could simply not compromise on players' experience. Thankfully, the PS4 controller has systems that make building and flying rockets just as easy and intuitive as the PC version.

How are you bringing Kerbal Space Program to PS4?
We've teamed up with Flying Tiger Entertainment to bring the game to PS4. They have experience and have shown us time and time again that they were simply the right choice to make sure that the players receive a quality game on their PS4, and not a lazy port.

Will this have a negative effect on the development of the PC version?
Absolutely not. If anything, working in collaboration with Flying Tiger has helped us speed up processes like the Unity 5 upgrade, but in general the two will remain separate versions of the game, much like the educational version TeacherGaming works on!

Originally released in 2011, Kerbal Space Program was one of the first big hits on Steam's early access program in 2013, and came out of beta in April 2015. There are no details on when it will be released on PS4, although it will likely be out before 2016.

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