Metroid Prime Federation Force 3DS
A look at who players can play as in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Nintendo

Some people are not happy about Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the new 3DS shooter announced by Nintendo yesterday during their digital event, with 5000 of them signing a petition asking for its immediate cancellation.

The petition on calls Federation Force "a disgrace of a game" and an "atrocity", claiming that "NO ONE wants this game" based on the trailer's 90% dislike ratio on YouTube.

Federation Force is a co-op first person shooter for Nintendo's handheld 3DS set in the Metroid universe but not starring the series' iconic heroine Samus Aran.

The petition reads as follows:

Some of those who have signed the petition have commented on it explaining their dislike of the title, with many citing the absence of Samus Aran. "This is absolutely ridiculous. I am a MAJOR Metroid fan, beaten all of them. And this...this is just a slap to the face to us," said Brandon Hardacre.

Zebesiano Alfa also criticised the game's "childish design", apparently forgetting that Federation Force is a Nintendo game being made by Nintendo.

To make up for the publicity we're giving this ridiculous petition, here are few others worthy of the signatures of less entitled and insane people.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is expected to release on 3DS some time next year.

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