EA Sports UFC 2 Conan McGregor
Conor McGregor (left) and Conan O'Brien (right) in EA Sports UFC 2. EA

US talk show host Conan O'Brien has gone toe-to-toe in the octagon with UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. The result was a brutal and bloody beating, but thankfully for O'Brien it all took place in the virtual realm of EA Sports UFC 2.

The latest video in the comedian's Clueless Gamer series – which sees O'Brien play upcoming games, usually badly and usually with a guest – offers a look at the upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) video game as McGregor (playing as himself) takes on O'Brien, whose likeness has been uncannily recreated in the game's create a fighter suite.

McGregor and Conan played out three fights that all went the same way. The UFC pro waits for his chance, hits a devastating punch or spinning head kick, then goes in for the kill as O'Brien mashes buttons on the controller wildly. To his credit, O'Brien takes McGregor's leg out from under him in the third bout, but his advantage is short lived.

In early March we sat down and played EA's latest game with the UFC license, and we found it offered a lot more variety in its fights than the video above might imply. You can read our preview here.

Judging by his unmarked face, this episode of Clueless Gamer was shot prior to McGregor's upset loss to Nate Diaz at the UFC 196 event held this past Saturday (5 March). The fight was the Irishman's first in the welterweight division, two weight classes up from the Featherweight division he remains champion of.

EA Sports UFC 2 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC next Thursday, 17 March. Those with EA Access can download and play up ten hours of the game ahead of release right now on Xbox One.

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