The premiere date of Star Wars The Force Awakens is still months away but fans need not wait long to see at least the figures of the characters that will appear in the galactic action thriller as the much-awaited Episode VII toys will go on sale on Friday midnight (4 September). The event has been dubbed Force Friday.

On September 3, fans across the world will get a sneak peek of the new products inspired by the JJ Abrams directed movie.

The seventh instalment of the sci-fi franchise is touted as a blockbuster, even before its premiere and fans are anxious to get the first look at the toys through the world's first-ever global live toy unboxing event on the Star Wars YouTube channel.

"There's a synergistic history between the toys and the movies," Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm's fan relations adviser and a Star Wars collector, told USA Today. "If you go back to the very beginning, and that memory is still there in a lot of people, it was the start of merchandising of motion pictures."

According to Disney, the live stream kicks off with the first unboxing in Sydney, Australia at 7.45am local time on Thursday, 3 September (5.45pm EDT on Wednesday, 2 September), and concludes with a grand finale at Lucasfilm in San Francisco at 8am PDT (11am EDT) on Thursday, 3 September.

Where to buy The Force Awakens toys: The souvenirs will be available on Disney stores in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. All the Toys R Us stores and some select Walmart and Target stores will also open on Friday midnight.