The 45-year-old woman was reportedly worried about her customers suffering from an overdose iStock

A French woman was arrested after she walked into a police station, put three bags of cocaine and crack on the counter and asked officers if they could test its quality. Unsurprisingly the woman was taken into custody and a hearing has been set for January 2017.

The drug dealer walked into the main police station at Boulevard Embouchure, in the south-western city of Toulouse, on Tuesday (April 26) at around 5am, before dumping two bags containing a few grams of cocaine and another bag containing crack cocaine on the counter under the noses of surprised officers.

The 45-year-old then pulled a knife from her pocket to open the bags in full view of the officers at the reception so they could test a small quantity. She was arrested but was asked what possessed her to walk into a police station with illegal drugs.

"So that officers at reception could test it" a policeman explained to AFP. "She wanted to know if it was good quality as she didn't want people to die of an overdose". The dealer is a known drug user living in the Arnaud Bernard area of the city and said got the drugs by purchasing them on the internet.

The unnamed woman was then taken into custody and a court ordered her to attend a hearing in January 2017. The drugs will be destroyed by the French authorities and in the meantime the woman has been placed on police bail.

Earlier in April, a European watchdog warned that EU citizens spend over £19bn (€24bn, $27bn) annually on illegal drugs, such as cannabis and heroin. The report was produced by Alexis Goosdeel, the head of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), who warned that both cannabis and heroin are being increasingly produced within the EU.