GTA 5: Fort Zancudo military base secrets, myths, mysteries and facts revealed Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals the most fascinating secrets, myths, mysteries and facts concerning the Fort Zancudo military base, in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5.

Talking about all uniquely mysterious locations discovered in GTA 5, the YouTuber discusses the lore behind Fort Zancudo, which is located at the base of Mount Josiah in Blaine County.

Fort Zancudo is said to be the real-world representation of the Vandenberg Air Force Base located on the central coast of California.

However, Ross believes that it is the real-life representation of the Naval Base in Ventura County. To further strengthen his claim, the YouTuber points out the existence of a swamp just outside the Naval Base, which is similar to the one found at Fort Zancudo in GTA 5.

Furthermore, it is ascertained that Fort Zancudo is the only military base in GTA 5 that belongs to the HD universe.

Pointing to a recent report on Weasel News about the game location seen after the mission Blitz Play in GTA 5, Ross explains that Fort Zancudo has plans of opening a Drone Base in its vicinity.

The idea of Drone Base has something to do with introducing new jobs in GTA Online that will help change the laws for installing new advanced Drone Security System to ward off aliens attacking the area.

It is not yet clear if the concept of aliens refers to illegal immigrants in the area or literally the extra-terrestrial beings and UFOs added to the game in the form of some standalone DLC.

Some of the noteworthy facts include the presence of a training facility in Fort Zancudo, where the marines are practising their various military and emergency drills as if preparing for a war situation in GTA 5.

One might also notice the seven-storey watch tower at Fort Zancudo with training classrooms and mini-flight upstairs, as well as a working elevator at the top.

At the very top floor you can find a tower with several military officers monitoring and coordinating defence activities at the fort. There is also a mini-gun at the top floor of the tower, which can be used in one of the Fort Zancudo missions in the game.

In addition, you will notice a fire station inside the Fort Zancudo, wherein you can use the emergency fire services from here. This fort never shows up in the in-game map until you get close enough to its actual location.

Fort Zancudo's secretive location on the map works similar to the Area 51 military base in real-life, which never shows up on Google maps, as it is a strictly restricted area with zero tolerance against trespassing.

If you happen to get close to the outer fence of Fort Zancudo at 7am sharp, you will hear the wake-up call alarm going off for all the marines and cadets inside the base.

The Fort Zancudo opens up for access only once during the single-player mission with Cargobob (during the final heist mission) and during free roams.

This further strengthens the secrecy and mystery behind the elusive nature of Fort Zancudo, which is strictly a mystery location much like the Area 69 in GTA: San Andreas where you could access the Jetpack suit.

Quite interestingly, there is an underground bunker at one corner of the Fort Zancudo base with an elevator access to go below ground level.

Now the big question is: Does this underground bunker at Fort Zancudo have a glitched access to the mysterious jetpack suit?

Another fascinating mystery

If you get to this bunker with elevator after midnight around 3am (while the weather is raining), then you will notice a glowing marker on its roof. If you look up, you will realise this is the UFO's tractor beam producing a glowing green spinning wheel.

It is not yet clear if this has something to do with clues pertaining to the Mount Chiliad mystery or a hidden access to the elusive Jetpack suit in GTA 5.

If you are still sceptical, check out Ross's stunning gameplay video below: