GTA 5 Glitches: Mod Any Car Parts Online with Car Customisation Glitch
GTA 5 Glitches: Mod Any Car Parts Online with Car Customisation Glitch Rockstar Games

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive, has revealed a brand new way of modding all kinds of car parts in story mode and taking them to GTA online, during an interview with a veteran GTA 5 modder at

According to the modder, Declans, the method involves transferring vehicle parts from one vehicle to another by using the inherent car customisation glitch in the game. For instance, one can graft the Dinka Thrust Motor-Cycle parts on to a bicycle to give it the looks and style of a race bike.

GTA 5 Glitches: Mod Any Car Parts Online with Car Customisation Glitch
GTA 5 Glitches: Mod Any Car Parts Online with Car Customisation Glitch

In a similar way, discerning modders can transfer their car parts to a bicycle or bike and vice-versa. For example, one can use any supercars' exhaust pipe and other engine components on a bicycle, along with some modded components of a race-bike such as racing tyres and wheels to give it an uber-cool look.

The modder has also shared a comprehensive tutorial to install custom or modded car parts with an advanced HEX tool and a retail console.

We will see the complete tutorial steps later once we have seen all the pre-requisites needed for this car customisation glitch to work.


  • You will need an USB drive or memory stick to use the advanced HEX editing tool.
  • A PC or laptop to run the mods with HEX tool.

Key Point to Remember

  • Installing some mods such as the Blazer could freeze people online.
  • These mods will not stick if you do a new single-player save.
  • These mods will not stick if you store the vehicle online.
  • For all Hashes, ignore the leading "0x".

How to Install Modded Car Parts on Any Vehicle with Car Customisation Glitch

  • Insert a memory stick or USB drive into Xbox 360 or PS3.
  • Now log into a single-player game and get any vehicle that you want to swap the parts from.
  • Next bring the vehicle of your choice to the garage For instance, if you want to swap all the parts from a Dinka Thrust to any vehicle of your choice, just bring the motorcycle to your garage or if you want to swap the Zentorno spoiler then bring the car to your garage.
  • Once you parked your vehicle inside the garage, just walk out of the garage.
  • Then bring up your phone, go to quick save and save the game status on your USB drive.
  • After the game is successfully saved, we could get into the second part of this tutorial which involves using the PC or laptop.
  • Now unplug the USB stick connected to your console. Since you have already saved your game, you will not lose the game progress in GTA 5.
  • Then plug in the USB stick into the computer or laptop.
  • Download the three important tools required for this mod: GTA 5 save editor (download here), an advanced HEX editor (download here) and the third with vehicle list (download here).
  • Once you have downloaded the necessary files, just double-click on GTA 5 save editor > click Open Device and click Open button in profile selector window.
  • Once again click Open to load the latest saved game (choose No when prompted to make changes to the editor).
  • The latest GTA 5 save game will load up into the program window (as shown in the video).
  • You will see a number of options such as Character, Stats, money balance for the given character (Michael, Trevor or Franklin), garage, missions and more in the left-hand column and skill selection box on the right.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Block in the left-hand column.
  • Click on the Block ID PSIN and once it is highlighted, click on Extract button and extract it to the desktop. Click OK.
  • This will create a file for PSIN on the desktop. Close the save editor window.
  • Open the Hex editor by double-clicking on the Hxd icon and then drag and drop the PSIN file into the Hex editor.
  • You will notice that PSIN file will now be open in Hex editor.
  • Open the vehicle list file on the desktop by double-clicking on it, which basically reveals the Hex code for each vehicle in the game in alphabetical order.
  • Scroll through the vehicle list and locate the vehicle that you have parked in your garage. For instance, we select Dinka Thrust which is listed under 'DLC vehicles' for this tutorial.
  • Ignore the "0x" at the beginning of the code and copy the rest of the code before the comma (do not copy the numbers after the comma) by highlighting it. Then right-click and choose copy from the context menu or just press "ctrl + C" if you are using windows PC.
  • Go to Hex-editor and press "ctrl + R" to bring up Replace window. Now paste the code by pressing "ctrl + V" into the Search for field.
  • Go back to the vehicle list and choose a vehicle to which you want to add the modded parts. For example, we choose the cruiser for this tutorial.
  • As you did earlier, just copy the code after "0x" and before the comma.
  • Press "ctrl + C" to copy and then go back to Hex editor again and paste the code into the "Replace with" field.
  • Go to datatype filed and select Hex-values. Then go ahead and click Replace all. Then click OK. Note: This will install Dinka Thrust vehicle parts on the cruiser.
  • In the Hex-editor window, choose File and click Save to save all changes.
  • Close the Hex-editor window and open the GTA 5 save editor.
  • In the save editor, highlight PSIN and click Replace button.
  • Now scroll down, select the PSIN file and finally click Open. This will replace the original PSIN file with the modded copy.
  • Go to the character menu in the Save editor and you will receive a confirmation that PSIN block has been replaced. Just click OK.
  • Now click on Save File in the Save editor and click OK.
  • You have now successfully saved the modded file into the GTA 5 game. Close the Save editor.
  • Connect the USB stick to your Xbox or PS3 console. Load the game from Start > Game > Load Game. Press X to select a device and then go ahead and choose the USB stick.
  • Go back to the garage where you parked the Dinka Thrust and you will see an awesome looking and fully-modded Cruiser there.

This way you can create endless possibilities in modding your vehicle parts the way you wish. Besides, you could transfer the modded single-player vehicle into online mode using the car transfer glitch.

For further assistance, check out the video tutorial below: