Rockstar is expected to release a new DLC titled "Independence Day Pack" for GTA Online sometime next week on the occasion of the American Independence Day celebrations, according to freshly leaked information by discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom).

As the tipster notes, the new Independence Day DLC is inspired by American independence as people indulge in grand nationwide celebrations on 4 July every year.

Hinting at grand fireworks and a festive-like atmosphere in America on the occasion, the tipster points out similar activities being incorporated into the game with the release of Independence Day DLC for GTA Online.

Furthermore, Dom emphasises that the information about new Independence Day DLC has surfaced online in the same way as the earlier Hipster update - in the form of leaked game script.

Except for the release date information, there are no other details available for the upcoming DLC at the moment, as Rockstar is yet to announce its release which may happen just a couple of days before the American independence day.

The Independence Day pack is also expected to bring a couple of new vehicles such as the ATVs and the long-rumoured Attack Helicopters, besides a set of new clothing.

Earlier, leaked images pertaining to Lifeinvader advert appeared online through GTA Wiki, which showed a gallery of military vehicles including ATVs and attack helicopters that are expected to debut with the Heists release.

As far as clothing is concerned, we may get to see some patriotic outfits such as American flags or flags of other countries engraved on the clothing, accessories and more.

A freshly leaked screenshot (see video) of game script pertaining to the rumoured Independence Day Pack clearly mentions the DLC name in the first line and the time of updating the game source code in the third line that reads: "2014-06-24T17:41:39.233Z".

The time stamp in the leaked source code for the DLC clearly confirms that the DLC is under development with the possibility of an imminent release. Besides, the fourth and fifth lines in the code point to game content focused at 18 and above or adults only.

The tipster concludes that Rockstar is likely to announce the new independence DLC on 1 July or 2 July, while there are no other details available about the update at the moment.