GTA 5 Online 1.13 High Life Update: All New Five Apartments View, Price, Interior and Location Revealed

As players on Watch Dogs are now facing some serious game breaking issues, we believe it is time for gamers to come back to good old GTA 5. For those of you who are considering that move, we have some quick solutions if you're broke on GTA Online.

While there are hundreds of difficult, error prone and bogus money glitches out there, this new glitch happens to be a tried and tested method to make money on GTA 5. It comes from a YouTuber and happens to be a method that worked well with previous updates of GTA 5.

The glitch requires players to duplicate super cars and in turn sell them for ridiculously large amounts of money. Have a look at it below.

The glitch requires players to have two friends. One friend must stay outside the garage with the car of your choice. Your garage must contain one car with previous insurance on it. The concept behind that glitch being that you will swap the insured vehicle for a more luxurious one.

For those of you who prefer more legal methods of money making on GTA 5, here's the fastest legal method to make money on GTA 5. There are also a few RP and money glitches that we covered in the recent past.