Thumbs up for the new emoji characters on Apple's iOS 9.1 beta Getty

Beyond all the clamour of the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro news there were a few things Apple didn't have time to mention at the keynote. One of those was a roll out of iOS 9.1 beta to developers and included in that was a whole bunch of new emojis that are set to give users of the icons a smiley face.

When consumers are available to update their phones later this year you'll be treated to plenty of new emoji to punctuate your texts and emails with. The Next Web found that every category has been given new icons including new faces, food, animals, vehicles and even the controversial middle finger gesture as found on WhatsApp Android and Windows 10.

Middle-finger emoji
The middle finger emoji found on Windows 10 and WhatsApp is coming to iOS Details

Below is a collection of new emoji for your pleasure:

Apple iOS 9.1 emoji
All new emoji for you to get creative with

So, if you've been waiting for the day you can stress what you're saying with the aid of an image of a wedge of cheese then you're in luck. Tell us what emoji you'd most like to see by tweeting us @IBTimesUKTech