Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, which has been confirmed to become available for budget Lumia models such as Lumia 8309 and Lumia 735, can be experienced on other devices as well.

The update is reported to be available for Lumia 930 devices. Just download and install the Windows Insider app, which provides access to the pre-release software, set it to Fast Track and check for updates in Settings to get Update 2 or, GDR 2 on Lumia 930.

When you update the device to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, you should be able to enjoy all goodies such as Bluetooth keyboard support, ability to pin settings, data toggle, grouped and searchable settings etc.

Folks at now report that the Windows Insider Program can be used to get the GDR 2 update on any device which cannot use Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones such as Bush Windows Phone, Samsung and HTC devices. Click here to get a list of Lumia devices that have received the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones build 10051.

Check out the following guide if you wish to get Update 2 on devices that do not support the Windows 10 preview. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will receive the GDR 2 and not the Windows 10 preview, if you follow the guide below, although several users have confirmed to have got the update on several devices.

How to get Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 on Lumia devices without Windows 10 Technical Preview

Step-1: Go to Settings then Phone update and uncheck the Automatically download update if my data setting allow option

Step-2: Download and sign up for the Windows Insider Program on your phone to get the 8.1 Update 2

Step-3: Set it to Fast Track and check for updates in Settings

Step-4: You should see an update pop up or a notification in Action Center. Download the update

Step-5: Once the download starts, head over to the app list and uninstall Windows Insiders to prevent Windows Phone 10 update

Step-6: Do not click install, just hit Show details option and verify the update version

Step-7: If the build number matches, install the update.

Your device should be on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2.

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