Gynaecologist Sabina Mota was tortured after delivering a stillborn baby in Zamora hospital. Antramir/Flickr

A gynaecologist in Mexico was brutally tortured and left for dead after delivering a stillborn baby, it has been reported.

According to, Dr Sabina Mota, 30, was attacked after finishing a night shift at the maternity ward she worked at in Zamora, in the state of Michoacan de Ocampo.

Her attackers cut off two of her fingers and tried to cut out her ovaries and womb. It is alleged the attackers were family members of a woman whose baby boy died during birth complications three weeks earlier.

Police spokesman Ulpio Fonseca said: "She was forced to take muscle relaxant drugs which made it impossible for her to fight back.

"Then she was tortured and mutilated in her own home for several hours by people we believe are related to a former patient. She had severe injuries and nearly bled to death."

Officers also told how she was forced to write a message on a wall in her own blood warning her colleagues that they would be next.

When Mota eventually came around, she screamed – alerting neighbours to her whereabouts. She was found chained up.

One of Mota's colleagues told police that the woman's family had turned up at the hospital, accusing her of killing the baby: "People often threaten doctors when things go wrong, but this family we now know clearly meant it."

Fonseca added: "The two are clearly linked and we are seeking the mother and members of her family who are currently missing."