Microsoft, which nowadays seems to have bitten by the 'all things bizarre' bug, is at it again. The company's next flagship smartphone codenamed McLaren will in all probability face the axe even before its official release.

According to a Windows Phone Central report, the Redmond-based company will 'totally eliminate' its Real Motion (or 3D Touch) Windows Phone 8.1 device that was expected to be launched on various cellular networks across the United States this year.

Apparently, the reason behind Microsoft terminating the McLaren project is cost concerns, which led to the company not being able to take the Kinect-Like smartphone's development beyond the proposal stage.

Also, the Redmond-based company does not seem to have worked out the technology strategies involved in the development of McLaren 3D-Touch smartphones, as McLaren's underlying technology, Real Motion, originally rested with Nokia before its devices and services business was acquired by Microsoft in early 2014.

With Microsoft speculated to put an end to Kinect-Like McLaren devices, brand loyalists must take note of the fact that the company does not have any flagship smartphones slated for release in the near future. All other competitors have a slew of devices to be released in 2014 and early 2015.

First up, there is Apple's iPhone 6, which has set rumour mills abuzz for a few months now; New features of iPhone 6 make headlines across all media channels almost on a daily basis.

iPhone 6 is widely speculated to release in September 2014, and the device is also expected to feature a 13MP camera via Sony Exmor IMX220 camera sensor.

Then, there is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be launched in Q3 2014. Note 4 will reportedly feature an S-Pen incorporated with ultrasound technology.

Microsoft's McLaren was touted to be the company's successor to the 41MP Lumia 1020, which is also reportedly set to be phased out starting September 2014, and the former's existence was first reported by tipster Evleaks early last month.

Although Microsoft was widely ridiculed for its unconventional ways of late, starting with the launch of an insane wireless charging trousers, to making its personal smartphone digital assistant Cortana a digital 'Paul the Octopus', the company could easily pull out a new Windows Phone 8.1 'flagship' device from its hat.

Undeniably, Microsoft needs a flagship considering the fact that Windows Phone still needs to go a long way to catch up with Google's Android operating system.

Microsoft's latest speculated intention to kill McLaren comes in the wake of the company choosing to lay-off 18,000 employees, mostly belonging to erstwhile Nokia's tablets and mobiles division, and announcing a phase-off of Nokia's Android X project and feature-phones.

The engineers at Microsoft had recently announced the global roll-out of Windows Phone 8.1 update. Click here to check availability now.