Tegra X1
Nvidia's next-gen Shield Tablet will use Tegra X1 mobile chip. Nvidia

Nvidia is working on the latest iteration of their Shield Tablet for gaming, suggests a report from Fudzilla.

At CES in Las Vegas, January 2015, Nvidia unveiled its next generation mobile chip - Tegra X1 - claiming to deliver twice the performance of its predecessor, Tegra K1.

While Nvidia has confirmed Tegra X1 will be used for their newly announced Nvidia Drive PX car computers, Fudzilla citing its credible sources, asserts that the processor will also power the company's next-gen Shield Tablet.

Tegra X1 mobile chip

With a GPU based on the company's 10th generation Maxwell architecture, Tegra X1 boasts desktop-grade graphics processing abilities. It supports all major graphics standards including DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, CUDA, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Android Extension Pack, and will benefit from the likes on Unreal Engine 4, which was designed with the Tegra K1 in mind.

The key features of the processor are:

  • 256-core Maxwell GPU.
  • 8 CPU cores (4x ARM Cortex A57 + 4x ARM Cortex A53).
  • 60 fps 4K video (H.265, H.264, VP9).
  • 1.3 gigapixel of camera throughput.
  • 20nm process.

Fudzilla expects the new Shield Tablet to debut at the GPU Technology Conference to be held from 17 - 20 March, in Silicon Valley, at the latest.

Not much is known about the upcoming tablet except the use of an 8in screen. An LTE version of the tablet is also expected.