Nokia Android and 3310
The Nokia 9 will be HMD's flagship device and sport high-end specs IBTimes UK

The flagship Nokia 9 could face some tough competition on the shelves according to new reports suggesting that HMD's Android flagship could arrive around the same time as the iPhone 8.

According to Nokia Power User, the Nokia 9 is due to be released around the end of Q3 "or even later", indicating the handset won't be in shops until late September or early October. A source told the website that the handset will come with a retail price of around €749, or $699 in the US (£640).

Apple historically holds its iPhone unveiling event in the second week of September or thereabouts, although conflicting reports have suggested the iPhone 8 – or whatever Apple deems to name its next iPhone – may arrive either earlier or later than expected. Should the Cupertino firm get its hardware in front of consumers first, it could be a serious damper on HMD's revival of the Nokia brand.

Finnish manufacturer HMD is expected to release a half-dozen or so Nokia-branded Android phones in 2017, including the rebooted Nokia 3310. The Nokia 9 will sit at the top of its line-up, with rumours pointing toward a Quad HD OLED display, quad-core Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and powerful camera capabilities with virtual reality support.

However, most of the hype surrounding Nokia's reboot has focused on the new Nokia 3310, a sub-£50 feature phone sporting a 2.4in VGA display, 2MP camera and a new version of classic mobile game Snake. Should demand for the phone reflect the huge amount of interest it has received since its unveiling, HMD's expensive flagship may run the risk of not just being overshadowed by Apple, but also by its own comeback king.