Google's Chromecast got just a lot more useful as web TV streaming company PlayOn adds support, bringing more than 100 online channels to the streaming dongle.

While PlayOn is currently not supported in the UK, US owners of the Chromecast can now enjoy more than 100 channels of free web video with shows from major US networks like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC as well as Comedy Central and ESPN.

While PlayOn may say it serves up 100+ channels of 'free' web content, to view these channels you will need a PlayOn subscription, which in the US costs $30 per year or $60 for a lifetime subscription.

To use the system, you will need to download PlayOn software to your PC or laptop which will act like a virtual server. Once set up, you will then need to download the PlayOn app to your smartphone and tablet which you will use to navigate through the content available.

"Sorely missing"

Google's streaming dongle does not feature an on-screen guide, but PlayOn will add this feature which the company says is "sorely missing from the Chromecast user experience."

PlayOn already works with a number of device such as the Roku set-top box as well as mobile devices and both PlayStation and Xbox games consoles. The company also offers a DVR-like product called PlayLater which allows you record shows to watch later.

Google launched the Chromecast in the US last year and just last month brought it to the UK costing £30. Initial support was limited though featured heavyweights like YouTube and Netflix.

Increased support

App support has been growing gradually with BBC's iPlayer app adding support to coincide with the UK launch, as well as support for Live YouTube channels added to the mobile app just last week.

Google says that thousands of apps are in development which will support the budget device, though earlier this week it was revealed that both ITV and Channel 4 were not planning to support Chromecast.

Google is also reported to be working on Android TV, a new interface built specifically to work on large-screen TVs. It is unclear at the moment if or when Google will launch its own set-top box but sources within Google suggest whatever is launched will sit alongside Chromecast, rather than replace it.

Google is holding its annual developer conference - Google I/O - on 25 June when we should learn a lot more about the search giant's plans.