In a bid to make overtaking lorries on single-lane roads safer, Samsung has fitted trucks with wireless cameras in the front and four screens on the back to show following drivers if the road is clear.

The simple idea has been rolled out in Argentina, where over 20 people die in road traffic accidents every day, and many are caused by overtaking on single-lane roads. By showing what is ahead of the truck on four large, weatherproof screens, following drivers have a clearer view of any oncoming traffic.

Samsung is currently seeking regulatory approval for the vehicles, which it calls the Safety Truck. But given the high cost of installing four large screens on the back of every truck, there is little incentive for haulage companies to get on board - especially when they will receive no direct financial gain from it.

Displaying adverts on the screens to drive revenue is unlikely to gain regulatory approval, despite the abundance of roadside billboards. A more practical and financially lucrative system to improve road safety is vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, which will be appearing on cars soon.

These systems, currently being developed by Ford, Volvo and others, let vehicles exchange information like their location, speed, and the quality of the road surface, plus any obstacles they encounter. This alerts following vehicles and their drivers to any unseen problems ahead.