Nintendo's fantastic run of post-release content for the Wii U's surprise hit shooter Splatoon is finally slowing down, eight months after the game's release in May 2015, with the release of its final free map. This follows the release of its final new weapon, which occurred on 15 January.

The final map is called Ancho-V Games and is set in an independent game development studio filled with jellyfish programmers, designers and staff. "One feature of this stage are the PC-fan shaped propellers that can be inked to move portions of the floor," read a post on the official Splatoon Tumblr.

"Use these to exploit the stage's verticality and gain the high ground over your opponents. What role do these things play in game development, anyway?" Earlier in January, Nintendo released its final new weapon, the Custom Hydra Splatling gun.

Nintendo has supplemented the initial release of Splatoon with eight months of regular updates, including maps, weapons and clothing items. While there will not be any more maps or weapons in the foreseeable future, there may be more updates to come in the form of new items of clothing or new game types.

There is also a chance that paid DLC may be released for the game at some point. Nintendo has certainly earned the opportunity to make a bit more money through DLC after the wealth of free content it has given to gamers.

Splatoon was Nintendo's first major new IP in years and has proven a big success given the limitations of being exclusive to a console that famously has not sold well during its lifespan. A sequel on Nintendo's next console – codenamed NX and expected to release in 2016 – seems like a foregone conclusion.

Last year we ranked Splatoon as our fourth favourite game of 2015.

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