Nintendo has announced eight Super Nintendo (SNES) classics coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console later this month. Released weekly, the first two games to be released in Europe will be Super Mario World and cult classic RPG EarthBound. What games are released when varies from region to region.

Announced during this evening's (3 March) Nintendo Direct online broadcast, the games (which are the US versions of the games) will only be available on the New Nintendo 3DS models - which were released last year. Earthbound and Super Mario World are available right now.

Next week (10 March) are The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. A week after that comes F-Zero and Super Mario Kart, followed finally by the first two Donkey Kong Country games.

Super Mario World and Earthbound will launch tonight, and if you buy one you will be able to buy the other at half price (£2.69 and £4.49 respectively). This will also apply to the following three weeks of games, with a fixed discounted price of £3.59.

New SNES games will be added during the following months, and will be announced in due course.

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