Toyota has unveiled a palm-sized robot called Kirobo Mini, which is based on the record-making companion robot that recently returned to Japan from the International Space Station (ISS).

Kirobo was awarded two Guinness World Records on 27 March for being the first robot to have a conversation in space and reaching the highest height as a robot from Earth.

"Kiboro Mini is a manifestation of the Toyota Heart Project, which aims to develop a distinctly humanlike interaction between man and machine in a format different from automobiles based on the same fundamental concept of 'Inspiring the Heart, Inspiring You', which Toyota applies to its automobile manufacturing," the company said in a statement sent to IBTimes UK.

Mentioned below are some of the features incorporated in the Kirobo Mini:

  • It comes with a "cradle" that doubles as its baby seat designed to fit in car cup holders.
  • Can engage in casual conversation supported by gestures and has the ability to respond to a user's emotions.
  • Provides tailored companionship by remembering user preferences and past events.
  • It even blinks its eyes and speaks in a high-pitched voice.

The Kiboro Mini is expected to go on sale for ¥ 39,800 ($392, £305) from 2017.

Kirobo Mini Robot
The Kirobo Mini aims to make childless mothers feel a lot better Reuters