A US television news anchor caused a sensation when he walked out of a live newscast after refusing to report on the latest "event" in the lives of the Kardashians.

John Brown left his co-host Amy Kaufeldt speechless when he got up off the sofa and walked off set during the live Good Morning Orlando programme.

Brown had apparently had his fill of reality TV's first family and the "news" that Kylie Jenner had purchased a pet rabbit, which she has named "Bruce", was more than he could stomach.

"I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today," he said. "You are on your own, Amy. I can't do it. I've had enough Kardashians. I can't take any more Kardashians."

Still wearing his microphone as he walked off set he could be heard shouting from off camera: "I don't care about this family. I'm sick of this family. It's a non-story!

Speaking off camera he could be heard saying: "Don't you listen to the research. Nobody cares about the Kardashians anymore. Nobody cares about them. That's enough of these guys"

His embarrassed co-anchor was forced to continue as a replacement host stepped in joined her for the news item.

Brown later turned to social media to apologise for his rant but said he needed to get it out of his system .

Posting the video on Facebook he said: "Here is the Kardashian rant. Sorry, I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest! I did feel better though after I was done."

Despite her initially consternation, Kaufeldt took it in good humour. She told "The New Junkie" on Real Radio 104.1 that Brown was joking and had warned her he was going to walk off set.

"We were just having a little fun. We like to have a little fun in our 9 o'clock hour," Kaufeldt said.

The video of his outburst garnered nearly 785,000 YouTube views, and was the No. 1 Facebook trend on Monday (10 August).

The Kardashians have become a cultural phenomenon following the success of their reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Headed by family matriarch Kris Jenner they have gone on to create a multi-millionaire dollar empire, through spin-off programmes, brand endorsements, photo shoots, public appearances, book deals and clothing and accessories lines.

The younger members of the family have also found success. Kendall Jenner has become a global brand in her own right forging a career as a professional model and has a clothing line with her sister Kendall.

The Kardashians have conquered social media, with Kim Kardashian-West dubbed Queen of the selfie.

Never far from controversy, Kim famously "broke the internet" with her controversial Paper cover shoot. Yesterday (11 August) she responded to critics who claim she is faking her pregnancy, by posting her first completely nude selfie.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner has been dubbed a champion for the transgender community after she spoke publicly of her emotional journey to becoming a woman.

The family certainly have their haters, but they also have legions of fans around the world who follow their every move. John Brown is clearly not one of them.