Vivo Apex
The Vivo Apex is a concept phone with a near bezel-less design. Vivo

Vivo - the company that introduced the world to Clear ID - has just announced a virtually bezel-less phone with a retracting selfie camera.

At Mobile World Congress on Sunday (25 February), Vivo showed off the Apex phone, which has almost no bezel around the edge. It could be the solution to manufacturers - such as Apple and Samsung - wanting to completely remove bezels on smartphones.

But to remove the bezel, some things needed to disappear from the front, including the front-facing camera, earpiece and the finger-print scanner. Luckily, Vivo has unique solutions to all three:

The selfie camera - Instead of a fixed camera on the screen, the Apex will have a retractable front-facing camera that can automatically slide in and out of the chassis. When you want to take a selfie, the camera extends and when you are finished, it retracts.

The speaker - The entire front glass panel of the phone can now vibrate to transmit sound from a phone call. The Verge tested the sound quality in a demo video and said it was nothing exceptional in terms of quality, but that it got the job done.

The fingerprint scanner - Vivo unveiled Clear ID at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, a fingerprint scanner that scans through the screen of your phone. The Apex has a "half screen scanner" meaning you can put your finger almost anywhere on a big portion of the display to unlock.

Unfortunately, anyone hoping to get their hands on this phone will need to wait. Vivo has announced the Apex as a concept phone and have no official plans to mass-manufacture and release it. Pricing was also left out of the conversation.