The pandemic made it possible for entrepreneurial business owners to find innovative ways to keep their businesses afloat as economic downturns and local restrictions kept the doors of thousands of businesses shut for weeks. While most of the global economy has started to return to pre-pandemic levels, it's estimated that social software and artificial tools are looking to grow by 17% in 2021 and nearly double by the start of 2022. These estimates by Gartner have made it possible for many new business owners to rely on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and improved software mechanisms to help stabilize and form new businesses.

7 Of The Latest Tools Business Owners
7 Of The Latest Tools Business Owners Will Use in 2022 7 Of The Latest Tools Business Owners Will Use in 2022

The current forecasts push the boundaries of businesses to become more adaptive and look towards the better integration of software tools to cater to both business and customer-related needs. New business tools are making it a lot easier for businesses to be formed, and startups are in the midst of the biggest technological boom ever imagined, as national economies transition into the fourth industrial revolution led by AI and software. There's now a mirage of business tools that has given light to better business opportunities, and not only are we expected to see some innovative tools in 2021, but 2022 is looking promising too.


The American-based company, The Really Useful Information Company has already offered a plethora of business tools that can help young entrepreneurs get a proper start to their new business ventures. From the latest business statistics in each state, formation services, to helping them find LLC names, possibilities for this platform are seemingly endless. Even more, the use of AI has given light to TRUiC implementing tools such as a business name generator, logo designer, and even business planning software.

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A straightforward platform that can help businesses organize projects and team members in one place. The platform has a tier-based billing design, so depending on your business needs, and the number of members using the platform the business will be billed accordingly.

Looking to grow more leads for any website or online store is now a lot easier with, as this platform uses sales automation to help launch better ad and email campaigns of nearly any size. Reaching more clients seamlessly and straightforwardly, while at the same time being integrated with platforms such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

Voila Norbert

Email marketing is still a big deal today, especially now that our lives are a lot more digital and online than ever before. With Voila Norbet, marketers and business owners can now automatically find more email addresses to include in their email marketing strategies.


This platform integrates both websites and social media channels to create a drag-and-drop feature that allows business owners to build Facebook ads which can help generate more leads and traffic to their website via the Facebook platform. Although it might take some time to get used to, it has a free and paid subscription option.


Recent events have led business owners to take cybersecurity more seriously, ensuring personal data and customer information remains protected at all costs. Avast has been around for years, and its latest software tools have enabled business owners to increase cybersecurity on all levels of the business. This is extremely crucial for those companies with remote workers using company emails, and sending information to and from one single server. More so, the security of employee devices and Point of Sales systems that house a lot of business information should now be better protected in the digital age.


Looking to hire new talent in a virtual world has made Deputy the go-to platform for many business owners. The all-in-one HR platform allows you to schedule meetings, find new talent, and even create employee schedules from one place, and owners will only need to pay a fee per employee, per month.

Final take:

Yes, Chatbots and AI have made huge inroads according to research, but there are more things happening on the horizon. These and other tools are making it easier for businesses to take control of their operations, even as we slowly move out of the pandemic. 2022 may bring some uncertainty for a lot of business owners, but overall we can see our need for improved technology and software is the key component that will keep businesses innovating and looking for more foolproof solutions to pre-pandemic problems.