Lebanese designer Elie Saab has re-emphasised his pride of place as one of the world's most fashionable couturiers, with a stunning performance on the third day of the Paris Fashion Week 2013.

The 49-year-old designer produced an Autumn/Winter collection with a royal touch and models displayed richly embroidered designs in navy blue, red and pale grey.

"I tried to present a collection this time around a royal occasion. But in a very modern way, for a modern princess, who likes, who likes to treat her realm in a modern way, and the colours are from precious stones, and from this all the collection is embroidered in a way to show it as though it's jewellery," Saab said after the show.

The highlight of the show was a stunning, steel-grey, jewel-encrusted bridal gown. The ensemble was completed with a beautiful, sheer, sequinned veil and the model was followed by three bridesmaids sporting sequinned strapless gowns.

Saab and his team of 500 seamstresses managed one of the most spectacular shows at Paris so far, the week for which started with Versace's Autumn/Winter show.

Check out photographs from Elie Saab's 2013/14 Autumn/Winter show at the 2013 Paris Fashion Week