Actress Halle Berry testified before the California State Legislature on Tuesday (June 25), regarding a proposed bill that would protect children from paparazzi.

"If this bill passes, the quality of my children's life will be dramatically changed. They face harassment on a level that I'd like to try to explain to you today just to give you a perspective so you understand what our everyday, and when I say 'everyday,' I'm not exaggerating, it's an everyday occurrence that happens whenever when I leave the house with my daughter," she said.

"Just getting up in the morning and trying to go to school is hard for us. She doesn't want to go to school, some kids don't, my daughter everyday rejects going to school. Why? Because she knows the men, as she now calls them, are waiting for her at her school yard. They jump out of bushes, they jump out of cars, they come from behind buildings, who knows where they come from but all of a sudden, a seemingly normal school yard with children running to and fro turns into what feels like a battleground, here come these men with their cameras, besieging the school, and these little children all to get a photograph. They cause chaos, they cause fear, the children and their parents are horrified, we start arguing, everybody is fighting, and the men seem to not care at all that they're causing this kind of harassment and harm to the children," she added.