Katie Price has revealed she is considering hiring a prostitute for her disabled son Harvey when he turns 18, because she doesn't want to deprive him of experiencing sex.

The glamour model turned reality star spoke candidly about the teenager's sexual needs during an appearance on Loose Women on Wednesday (12 July), saying she may enlist the services of a sex worker should he need it.

"Harvey is 15 now. Naturally at 15 you go through puberty and it's natural to experiment with yourself... Is it fair for him to experience it?" she said.

She admitted that she was initially taken back when her her husband Kieran came up with the idea. She explained. "Kieran joked "shall we get him a prostitute for his 18th birthday" and I was like "well that's my little Harvey!"

Harvey, who is her son by retired footballer Dwight Yorke, suffers from severe autism, septo-optic dysplasia and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Price continued: "He [Harvey] hasn't got a clue about that side, but then do you bring it on? What do you do, do I leave it? Do I let him experience it?"

The mother of five opened up about her brand of parenting as author Kathy Lette revealed she also considered going down that path with her autistic son Jules Robertson. Offering advice, Lette suggested that Price "wait and see if he's angst-ridden about it and if it's an issue for him. And for Jules it really was."

When the panel asked Robertson, who also joined the panel, how he felt about his mother's plan, he admitted that he would have considered taking her up on her offer. "There are parts of it I would have enjoyed probably!" he quipped.

Price revealed in 2016 that Harvey had a girlfriend called Tia from his south London school but said that they "don't kiss or anything like that". She told OK! magazine: "They're so cute together. She bought him some aftershave and body lotion for his birthday."

Her latest comments come hours after she faced backlash for showing nude pictures of herself to her children. In a scene that aired on her new series, My Crazy Life, she is seen instructing her husband to show a racy image she had found while clearing out belongings from her "old life" to her children.