Life Is Strange Max and Chloe
Max and Chloe in Life Is Strange's second episode Dontnod Entertainment

Square Enix has started an online anti-bullying campaign inspired by their 2015 adventure series Life Is Strange, which wants people to share inspirational stories with the hashtag #EverydayHeroes. For every story tweeted Square will donate to the US National Bullying Prevention Centre.

The week-long event finds its inspiration from the Everyday Heroes' competition in Dontnod Entertainment's Life Is Strange – which in the game was a photography competition but which has been re-purposed for a campaign reflective of the game's theme of bullying.

"Even in a world where senseless violence, cyberbullying and domestic abuse occur all too frequently, there is hope. Everyday heroes are everywhere and we want to hear your voice. Join our cause by sharing your own #EverydayHeroes moments," says actress Ashly Burch, who plays Chloe in Life of Strange, in the video below.

"Tell us a story of how you overcame adversity, stood up for what's right or helped a friend in need. Every post on social media using #EverydayHeroes increases our donation to PACER's (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) National Bullying Prevention Centre."

The video uses footage from the game to illustrate its points about bullying and the acts that help remedy the damage it causes.

Life Is Strange is a coming of age tale grounded with stories of bullying and growing up, but embellished with the mysterious case of a missing girl and the inclusion of lead character Max's supernatural powers, which act as a tool to explore and define her character. The game became one of the surprise success stories of 2015.

We named Life Is Strange our favourite game of last year. Released digitally across five episodes in 2015, a physical copy including the entire game is set to be re-issued on 22 January.

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