That John Legere sure is a crowd-pleaser. The T-Mobile US CEO has revealed that Pokémon Go fans can get free and unlimited data while playing the smash hit mobile app for the next year.

Using his preferred platform of choice, Twitter, to make the announcement yesterday (14 July), Legere posted a photo of himself hanging out with a Jigglypuff bearing the caption: "Ready to catch them all!? #TMobileTuesdays is giving you unlimited data use for #PokémonGo!"

The news will no doubt please a lot of T-Mobile's subscribers. Legere previously revealed that the number of customers playing Pokémon Go on its network had doubled since the game launched in the US on 6 July, citing "millions and millions" of active users.

The app, which has now launched in the UK, is now the most popular mobile application ever, surpassing Whatsapp, Tinder, Instagram and Twitter and quickly closing in on Snapchat in terms of daily users. It is estimated to have increased Nintendo's market value by over $7bn (£5.2bn, €6.3bn).

From 19 July, T-Mobile US customers will be able to play Pokémon Go without the app eating into their data allowance. The offer will become available from 19 July as part of T-Mobile's ongoing T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion.

The operator's ongoing customer rewards programme has featured a number of crowd-pleasers since it launched in June, including free pizza from Domino's. This proved to be a particularly short-lived offer after the pizza chain was overwhelmed with orders and asked for the promotion to be cut short.

For those already on the Poké-hunt, IBTimes UK has a series of guides to aid you in finding and catching Pokémon, how to level up and evolve them and how to compete in battles at Gyms.