Six-time boxing champion Roy Jones Jr believes a shock win for Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather could really damage boxing.

McGregor and Mayweather have been targeting a big money boxing fight for the majority of the year with the Irishman having recently signed his half of the deal, clearing a major hurdle for what would be the biggest bout in combat sports history.

With "Money" still contemplating signing his half of the deal, a fight which once seemed more likely to occur in a video game is now edging closer to reality.

Golden Boy Promotions founder Oscar del la Hoya recently stated that the fight was a "circus" and that it could ruin boxing after all the hard work the sport had put into restoring its reputation.

"Just wait until the best boxer of a generation dismantles someone who has never boxed competitively at any level -- amateur or professional," he stressed. "Our sport might not ever recover."

Jones Jr agrees that it would be bad for boxing but only if McGregor was able to somehow come out with a win.

"It's not bad for boxing because the boxer should win," he told TMZ. "It's only bad for boxing if the MMA guy gets lucky. Otherwise it can't possibly be bad for boxing. Boxing has the advantage. They are boxing. This guy has the name of MMA so it gives boxing somewhat of an advantage."

The 48-year-old also stated that a cross-code fight between the two was an event every fan wants to see and another reason why he is for it is because he is still interested in boxing with former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

"It's [Mayweather vs McGregor] an event that everyone wants to see," he explained. "That's why I tried to do it with Anderson [Silva]. He still says he would so if Dana White would give him the grace to do it, I'll probably still do it.

"But we don't have to fight on the undercard. We're big enough to do our own thing."

Roy Jones Jr
Roy Jones Jr revealed he is still interested in fighting Anderson Silva Getty