Street Fighter Ryu
Ryu in Street Fighter IV. Capcom

File this one firmly under 'rumour' for now, but evidence has been found which could suggest that Street Fighter legend Ryu could be heading to Nintendo party brawler Super Smash Bros. Hints toward the future inclusion of Fire Emblem character Roy were also found.

Reddit user 'shinyquagsire23' is a member of the 3DS modding scene, and posted his findings after rooting around in the source files of a recent update for the game. Within the source code he found a series of sound files which reference existing character PacMan, DLC characters Mewtwo and Lucas, and two characters not yet in the game: Ryu and Roy.

The two Ryu files are for a victory theme and the theme music for his stage in Street Fighter 2 – the classic fighter which defined the genre after its release on the Super Nintendo. His inclusion would be big, but not unprecedented. Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS already includes Capcom icon Megaman so there is a relationship between the two Japanese firms already established.

Roy meanwhile is a DLC character who would shock nobody given the latest Super Smash Bros already includes four characters from the series: Marth, Robin, Lucina and Ike.

If Nintendo were to announce further DLC for the game, the news would be coming at E3 in June – during which the company is mostly like air its next Nintendo Direct broadcast.

If the news proves true, well, poor Ken :(