Ready At Dawn's PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 is utterly gorgeous. The game itself might leave a lot to be desired but nobody can argue against it being one of the best looking titles in recent memory.

Very soon an update will allow you to capture its beauty better than ever with a new Photo Mode included in the latest patch. To mark its release, Sony has detailed how the extensive mode will work.

A trailer has also been released explaining the update.

On top of being able to freeze the game and line-up shots – much like how Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us: Remastered allowed players to do so – users will also be able to play the game with various filters over the top.

"We've added the ability for you to play the game with your selected Colour Grading," reads Sony's blog post. "Want to see what The Order: 1886 feels like if you play through it in high-contrast, gritty, black & white? Since The Order: 1886 is completely rendered in real-time with no pre-rendered frames, you're able to play in a customised look from beginning to end.

"If at any time you want to change Colour Grading styles during gameplay, simply enter Photo Mode and make your adjustment. You can also reset the option if you wish to play the game as it was originally intended."

In our review of The Order: 1886 we described it as "a game striving to be cinematic which has lost sight of what it's supposed to be".