A screenshot from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar Games

It may be arriving 18 months after the original Grand Theft Auto 5's release, but the PC version has always been important to Rockstar North. Speaking to PC Gamer, a group of developers have been talking about the anticipated launch of what will be the best looking version of the crime epic.

"We were always going to bring GTA 5 to PC," said the developers. "We planned from day one for a PC build and we made technical decisions based off the fact that we would be doing a PC version of the game.

"While we started development of the PC version quite early, we decided to focus the bulk of our attention on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions first in order to push that as far as we possibly could before turning our attention to the PS4 and Xbox One versions."

Rockstar Toronto president Kevin Hoare was also interviewed, and he talked about the game's 4K capabilities on PC. "We knew that we would eventually create a PC version so early development was done in parallel with the console versions," he said.

"Now we get to see that same game scale to 4K at 60fps, which is just beyond anything we have experienced as developers. We have aimed to retain that ability to scale the performance for the PC game so players with different hardware platforms can benefit from that as well."

Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch at midnight tonight (00:00am BST on 14 April).