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Is there a baby in your family? Every child's first few years are filled with developments and if you'd like to help your child grow well, that entails picking the right toys for them. Ideally, you should choose toys that are fun, educational, and non-toxic (after all, many children like to put things in their mouths!). If you don't know where to start, The Bitbag Team is here to help!

Wooden Stacking Rings

Best for ages: 1 year old and above

Mori Wooden Stacking Rings
Wooden Stacking Rings Mori

Stacking rings are great toys as they come with various benefits. They can develop a child's eye-hand coordination and motor skills, teach them to sequence sizes and recognise colours, and encourage problem-solving all at the same time. Mori's Wooden Stacking Rings will encourage your kids to learn, stack, and sort while ensuring safe play, thanks to their soft edges and non-toxic paints. What's more, the pretty pastel colours will look good in any nursery.

Wooden Grasping Toy

Best for ages: 6 months old and above

Mori Wooden Grasping Toy
Wooden Grasping Toy Mori

Although babies automatically grasp for your finger when they're just a couple of months old, their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills don't actually start developing until a little later on. A few months in, they will start to attempt to reach for things and a grasping toy can help them finetune those skills all the more. Mori's Wooden Grasping Toy has cute faces on it, making it an attractive object that babies will want to grab. It is also the perfect size for tiny hands to grasp and is made from natural beechwood so you won't have to worry if your baby puts it in their mouth.

Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Best for ages: 1 year old and above

Mori Wooden Rainbow Stacker
Wooden Rainbow Stacker Mori

A stacker toy is another great learning tool as it can help children improve their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Additionally, it can teach them about shapes and spatial relationships. What we love the most about Mori's Wooden Rainbow Stacker, though, is how cute it is. Kids will love playing with this rainbow for hours on end and it will even teach them about the colours of the rainbow. That aside, even when your kid isn't playing with it, it will look great as part of your nursery decor.

Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks

Best for ages: 0 months old and above

Mori Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks
Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks Mori

Okay, so this item may look like it's more for the parents than for the baby; but really, it just hits two birds with one stone. As you celebrate the growth of your baby and take pictures announcing each month of their life with these adorable blocks as props, Mori's Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks will also serve as great tools to help them develop stacking skills, building skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. As with the Rainbow Stacker, these blocks also serve as cute nursery decor when not in use.

Wooden Shape Sorter

Best for ages: 1 year old and above

Mori Wooden Shape Sorter
Shape Sorter Mori

The primary purpose of a shape sorter is to help kids learn about shapes while having fun. That's why they usually come in fun colours, shapes, and sizes. They can also help develop a child's fine motor skills, and help them categorise and sort out objects. This is why many people consider shape sorters as a form of math for the younger ones. Mori's Wooden Shape Sorter is simple but cute, getting the job done in a way that won't create too much of a mess in the nursery - and what parent wouldn't want that?

Mori knows just how important every milestone is in a child's life. That's why they have created products to help welcome babies into the world, all while keeping the environment in mind. Mori uses sustainable materials and organic fabrics in their high-quality products to keep both your family and the environment safe. Toys aside, they also offer clothes for babies, toddlers, and mummies, as well as other gifts parents and their kids are sure to love.

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