rachel riley
Television presenter Rachel Riley tries the new Samsung Gear VR device at the IFA Electronics show in Berlin Reuters

There are no two ways about it, virtual reality headsets like the Gear VR and Oculus Rift produce incredibly immersive experiences which completely transport you to a new, 360-degree, three dimensional world.

But they also make you look ridiculous.

Slush Play in Reykjavik, Iceland is a conference for developers and investors to talk about all things VR, but away from the genuinely game-changing technology being discussed there are attendees trying out VR. We couldn't help taking some photos.

Football Simulator

VR lols
When wearing a VR headset, try not to put your foot through the computer screen IBTimes UK

Imagine playing Fifa with a VR headset. Yeah, then imagine putting your foot straight through that shiny new television, which you're no longer looking at anyway. Also note your mate, who is pointing at two passers-by in a way that absolutely isn't creepy. Nope. Not one bit.

Doorbell Simulator

VR lols
Doorbell Simulator was one of the less popular VR games being shown off at Slush Play IBTimes UK

Or perhaps he's playing a pizza delivery simulator and is about to ding-dong his way into the last level, with a boss who can only be beaten with a fresh delivery of piping-hot Dominos. Either way, his mate is clearly having more fun with Gender Swap Simulator.

Donkey Riding Simulator

VR lols
Pretty sure the guy in the foreground is fixing a saddle to a donkey. IBTimes UK

This man is just getting the saddle sorted before mounting a donkey and galloping off down Blackpool beach for a stick of rock. It would be unfair to speculate what on earth the man in the background is up to.

Decorating Simulator

VR lols
Decorating sim gets virtual paint all over your virtual hands and none at all on the virtual wall. Virtually. IBTimes UK

With plenty of guidance, the man on the right is doing a fine job with the paint roller and a pot of rather fetching fuchsia, but Handy Andy on the left is struggling. He's gone and got virtual wallpaper paste all over his virtual hands. Virtually impossible to get off, especially when you're tethered to the wall.

Lord of The Rings Simulator. With darts

VR lols
MY PRECIOUS - This game lets you try out your best Gollum impressions. Probably. IBTimes UK

This guy has got his Gollum impression nailed, while his Eric Bristow-wannabe mate is struggling a bit with the curious World Championship Darts level of this three-dimensional romp through Middle Earth via Wetherspoons.

I think that'll probably do.