Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards
Perrie Edwards has been accused of forcing Zayn Malik to leave One Direction to concentrate on their relationship Reuters

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards has stated that it was solely Zayn Malik's choice to leave One Direction, despite speculation that she encouraged him to quit the boyband.

After having been frequently accused of making one fifth of the globally adored group move on, Edwards has decided to speak out to try and quash the theories that she forced him into choosing between his ever-growing success and their relationship.

Speaking to The Sun's Fabulous magazine, the 21-year-old detailed how while she can see he's happier and she supports everything he does, she wouldn't have talked him into such a big career move.

"People have said did I do this, did I do that? No matter what decision he made, I was always going to support him," she told the publication. "If he'd wanted to stay, I would have supported him just the same as I have done since he's left... If he's happy then I'm happy."

The backlash regarding Edwards' involvement in Malik's departure from 1D originally stemmed from when former bandmate Liam Payne told Capital FM that he believed Malik was leaving the band to "spend more time with [Perrie], his fiancée."

The Black Magic singer went on to tell The Sun that Malik is "really good", and that she hopes "everyone understands that it was one of the hardest decisions he's ever made in his life."

She continued: "I don't think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart, but he made that decision and was 100 per cent on it. And the fans have been great and his family have been great. I love them all, they're lush. And obviously I've been there for him. As long as he's happy, that all that matters."

Edwards has been engaged to 22-year-old Malik since late 2013, but the young couple are yet to set a date for their big day, due to both of their hectic schedules.

When asked if they have made any preliminary plans, Tyneside-born Edwards replied: "Not yet, but me mam can't wait and it's getting on me nerves.

"She's like: 'What about the flowers? What about this dress?' And I'm like: 'Mam, stop!' We've been so busy, but I literally can't wait to start planning me wedding."