The much anticipated Apple Watch was unveiled in San Francisco on 9 March and the device is already earning points with reviewers who praise not only its tech abilities, but also its fashion appeal.

"We buy watches not just to tell the time; we buy them because we want people to notice them. We want them to notice our fashion sense and that is something I think Apple truly understands. They've worked to give us so many different choices," said Chief Correspondent for Mashable, Lance Ulanoff.

The Apple Watch sport will start at £299 for the smaller, 38-mm model and go up to £13,500 for Apple Watch Edition. The different versions of the watch feature different materials for the case: the Edition version comes in 18-karat yellow or rose gold, for instance.

The watch will track exercise, remind wearers of events with a tap on the wrist, and make calls through the tethered phone, since the watch has a built in speaker and microphone - one aspect that Ulanoff said he was still warming up to.

"I am still not sold on the idea of making phone calls and talking to my watch," he said. "As much as I love the concept of not having to take out my phone all the time because I get notifications on my wrist and that's great, am I going to feel weird, 'oh hey,' is everybody watching me while I'm talking to my watch?

"I'm not sure I'm going to be comfortable doing that. So it's not a disappointment. Is that something that could really sell this device? I think it's just one feature that maybe a lot of people won't use."

Apple will begin selling its new watch in stores on 24 April; pre-orders will start on 10 April.