Halo Online
A still from the Halo Online gameplay footage. Microsoft

Gameplay footage from recently-released free to play PC game Halo Online has appeared online in its full 1080p and 60 frames per second glory. The game was released only in Russia in late March, but has caught the attention of FPS fans around the world.

Despite being built on a modified Halo 3 engine, Halo Online looks pretty nifty for a game built around micro-transactions, so it's no wonder modders are trying to free it of the regional constraints Microsoft have put in place.

MS are trying their hardest to shut down any attempts to free the game (this video may itself be taken down at any time), but that hasn't stopped an English version of the game finding its way online – even if it's not yet widely available. It's from one of those versions that the footage comes from.

In it we see a full match of Slayer on the map Turf, with gameplay unfolding in a PC gamer-friendly 60 FPS. There is some stuttering, but uploaded GamingPranks says that is due to lag Western users are experiencing when bypassing the region-lock.

Otherwise what is most notable is the speed of the gameplay, which includes a sprint button like the more recent Halo games but which appears faster than usual.

Microsoft haven't yet made clear what their intentions are for Halo Online in the future. Russia could be a test bed for release in locations like China, or MS could have an eye on a worldwide PC release – though that seems unlikely with a new Halo out this year.