Microsoft Windows 10
Windows 10, with the new start button, is reportedly on track to be released by the end of July 2015 Reuters

The most expected Microsoft Windows 10 unified operating system is slated to be released during the Summer of 2015.

Microsoft loyalists across the world are awaiting the release of Windows 10 primarily to witness the return of the iconic start button which was missing in action, by default, within the earlier Windows iteration, viz Windows 8.

Now, Windows 10, with the all new start button, is reportedly on track to be released as early as during the end of July 2015.

The significance of the above development lies in the fact that it adds meat to an earlier AMD earnings call report in which the company's chief executive of computer operations Lisa Su accidentally revealed that Windows 10 would be launched in July 2015.

However, Microsoft had desisted from issuing any official statement confirming AMD's apparent hints of Windows 10 being launched in July 2015.

Now, according to a Verge report, that quotes sources with better knowledge of Microsoft's approaches, Windows 10 (stable channel version) is currently still on track to get a late July release.

The Verge report states that Windows 10 engineers are currently hard at work, in getting in place the final pre-release coding elements, and this process is expected to be completed by the end of June 2015, indicating a late-July 2015 release for Windows 10 might not be an exaggeration.

Besides, a Russian technology tipster WZor, via Twitter, had a few days ago issued an apparent confirmation that the Windows 10 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version will be out in July 2015, thus contributing to increased anticipation among people waiting to test out Windows 10 on their machines.

As of now, Microsoft is engaged in releasing pre-release builds of Windows 10 to users registered as 'Insiders' and 'testers'. Therefore, insiders and testers would be among the lucky few to receive the stable version of Windows 10 when it is officially released by Microsoft.

Another important aspect that has surfaced via the latest Verge report is the fact that the OS will take some time to be available for download (to current Windows users) after it is supplied to OEMs for installation in newer devices.

Windows 10 will come in seven different editions catering to both general and enterprise users alike.

Microsoft is also expected to deliver futuristic Windows 10 updates codenamed Redstone in two phases beginning from June 2016.