Will Higher Energy and Food Prices Again Drive Inflation Risks Across Asia?

There are fears that in Asia inflation might return due to higher energy prices, food and wage costs as crude oil prices are expected to range between $125 to $128 per barrel. However, though oil prices are high in absolute terms, Brent crude prices are only 10% higher than a year ago and food prices are still comparitively lower than the previous year.

Citigroup and Northland Capital assign 'Buy' rating on Bovis Homes

Bovis Homes Group, the builder of traditional homes in England and Wales is scheduled to report its preliminary 2011 results on Monday, February 27 amid reports that Citigroup has assigned "Buy" rating on the stock, while Panmure Gordon recommends "Hold" rating with a target price of 450 pence per share.

Apple Locks Legal Horns With Bankrupt Kodak

While lying on its deathbed Kodak is bracing for a legal onslaught from Apple, as the technology giant is seeking permission to sue the bankrupt camera company for intellectual property theft.

Eurozone Debt Crisis: The Pain in Spain

I was speaking to a young couple from Madrid a couple of weeks back. They were on a camping holiday, a treat paid partly by their respective parents. Things were very bad in Spain they told me and both were most concerned about getting work. The young lady said: "Everybody's going to either Madrid or Barcelona...Really the only two places in the country where you can find anything. It's not good in the north (of Spain) and the south is just devastated."

Saudi Prince Rape Case: Impersonator or Real Deal?

A Spanish court has decided to reopen an investigation into allegations a Saudi billionaire prince and nephew of King Abdullah, raped a model on a yacht in the Mediterranean three years ago, the AFP reported Wednesday.


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