The gift of jewelry can solidify your relationship or scare your partner and send them packing; it depends on what kind of accessory you offer and where you're in the relationship.

For example, unless you've talked about a commitment multiple times, surprising your partner with an engagement ring isn't the wisest decision during the first year of a relationship.

This article helps you understand when it's appropriate to offer them fine jewelry and what kind of accessories to choose.

When Should You Give Jewelry in a
When Should You Give Jewelry in a Relationship Unsplash

When it's too soon to offer jewelry?

Too soon differs from a relationship to another. You must be sure that your partner returns your feelings before offering them a gift of jewelry. You can consider it as an option when you make it past the casual stage. Also, you don't have to wait to tell I Love You before you gift each other with it. Purchasing jewelry is a sign of deep affection and shows the other you're ready to take a new step in your relationship. There's no determined length of time for when it's appropriate to do it. It takes a couple of weeks to be deeply committed for some couples, while for others, it may take months.

However, it would be best if you didn't give jewelry on the first date. It's too much even if you have known the other person for some time. Let your connection grow for a while before you make this kind of purchase.

Occasions when you should give jewelry

Valentine's Day

When you've been dating for longer than a year and are in a committed relationship, you can offer fine jewelry to your partner. But if Valentine's Day falls during the first months of a relationship, a flower bouquet or other kind of gift may be more appropriate than an expensive piece of jewelry. For this occasion, you can choose from a collection of moissanite rings and jewelry designed to fit the event. Other jewelry gift ideas include silver or gold lockets, a gemstone necklace, or a pair of diamond earrings.


Christmas is a great time to offer jewelry, especially if this isn't the first time you spend the holidays together. If your relationship isn't super serious, a bracelet can work. But if you talked about commitment before, you can place a luxury watch or a pair of earrings under the tree.


Your partner's birthday is the perfect occasion to give them jewelry; you can look for a birthstone accessory, an item that features a crystal or stone traditionally associated with the month when they were born. Looking for a unique piece of jewelry is always a nice gesture. However, if you haven't been together for a long time, you can purchase a less expensive accessory.


Anniversaries can be pre-wedding and post-wedding. You can use any of these anniversaries to gift your partner with jewelry. You can offer them everything from necklaces to rings and other accessories you know they may enjoy wearing. However, if you celebrate your wedding anniversary, you should check the traditional list of anniversary gifts for every year.

Jewelry is often sentimental, and therefore you should think twice before offering a gift to your partner to ensure that it's the proper moment.