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Are Power Banks Dangerous?
Are Power Banks Dangerous? Pixabay

However, modern gadgets are often power-hungry, so if you need a power bank but are worried that power banks are dangerous, this guide will help!

Why You Need Power Banks

We are sure you've been out and about and suddenly noticed your battery is nearly dead. It's natural to need a power bank, and no, it's not the same as bringing your charger - after all, where would you plug it in outdoors?

Power Bank Safety: The Biggest Concerns

"Are power banks safe?" became the big question following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion incident. Safety standards then became the leading concern for the mobile phone industry.

Another study showed many USB portable chargers, power banks and travel chargers failed electrical safety tests, which illustrates how difficult it can be to find safe, high-quality products.

Therefore, you should follow MyTrendyPhone's power bank tips:

Tip 1: Get a Lithium-Polymer Power Bank

The power cells in every power bank determines their battery safety, charging efficiency and product lifespan.

It's important to check the battery-type, as some power banks can cause damage if you overcharge it. Our advice is to invest in a high-grade Lithium-ion Polymer battery.

Tip 2: Check the Battery Capacity

Capacity is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh). The more mAh, the higher the capacity. Make sure the output voltage (V) is supported by your device, otherwise it could cause damage.

Power banks often include ports with different amounts of amperes (Amps), so make sure you know which one to use.

Tip 3: Cable Quality Matters

Always use the original cables that were included. If your original cable gets damaged, try to get cables from the original manufacturer to guarantee the same quality. Third-party cables also provide safe charging but double-check their quality, if possible.

Tip 4: Use Customer Reviews to Assess Different Brands

Make sure to do your research by checking customer reviews. Buying a power bank from a reputable source should ensure high quality.

Ensure the online retailer issues warranties for their products, and don't make decisions based only on price.

Tip 5: Read the Instructions!

Make sure you read the manual that comes with the product. Mishandling and improper use are the biggest causes of accidents. Store power banks in a cool, dry place, and do not expose them to high temperatures, heat sources, or liquids.

Connecting it to an incompatible device may put both your power bank and the device at risk.

Leaving it plugged in can lead to overheating. It's particularly dangerous if it's in contact with flammable materials like bed sheets, as prolonged charging can cause power banks to become extremely hot. Overcharging will also decrease efficiency, so avoid leaving it plugged in overnight.

The latest generation of power banks include overheating and overcharging protection as standard, so avoid buying one without it.

Tip 6: Choose an Appropriate Design

How does design affect battery safety? It depends on your lifestyle, for example, if you enjoy swimming and your power bank could get wet, then you'll need a water-resistant model. If you carry around all your belongings in the same bag, then we recommend a slim and durable design.

Tip 7: Don't "Upgrade" It

You can find many videos online that show how to modify your power banks, but we advise against trying to "upgrade" it yourself, as it could lead to injury.

Tip 8: Remember They Are Not Children's Toys

Although some power banks come with pocket mirrors, hand warmers, or other fun features, they are not toys. Don't let children play with them as they can be dangerous, especially if they get damaged.

Responsible Behaviour is Key

By following our tips and using your power bank responsibly, you needn't worry about it being dangerous. Instead you can use it with your device to record that extra video, capture additional pictures, or talk longer with your friends or family.