The digital revolution that began in the latter half of the 20th century and is still pushing new boundaries to this day has completely transformed the world around us. The way we live, work, play, communicate, and interact have all been revolutionized due to the rise of digital technology. Music talent manager Ike Mann and e-commerce entrepreneur Chris Chong work in polar opposite fields, but the common ground which unites them is that they are both proud to be children of the digital revolution.

Ike Mann and Chris Chong
Ike Mann and Chris Chong Ike Mann and Chris Chong

"The music industry has gone through a dramatic transformation from top to bottom in recent decades because of the dawn of digital," revealed Ike Mann. "Whereas once I would have had to scout for new talent purely in live venues and through demo tapes, platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud have made it possible today for me to search the whole world for the next big thing at the touch of a button. Now that's pretty powerful stuff when you stop to think about it."

Although quick to praise the positives the digital revolution has entailed for the music industry, Ike Mann does not shy away from the negatives, as he explained, "The flip side to having more accessibility to the technological tools means there's more competition and the marketplace has become saturated, but I believe quality always shines through."

Ike Mann further added, "I'm so thrilled and proud to be a part of the generation that grew up during the digital age. It has given everyone an abundance of opportunities and a sense of intoxicating freedom. In my opinion, it's the greatest time to be alive."

This is a sentiment with which e-commerce whizz kid Chris Chong wholeheartedly concurs. "Without the dot-com boom, there would be no e-commerce; so, I will remain eternally grateful to the digital revolution," explained Chris Chong, who elaborated, "As a proud child of the digital age, I firmly believe it has shaped us and made us better human beings. There's been a noticeable evolution in the last three decades that has been a joy to behold. I think not only are we overall more connected, but we're happier at work and have far more opportunities when at play. Technology has afforded us more time for recreation and has blessed us with a sense of universal possibility that just didn't exist before."

As someone who has made his fortune through e-commerce, Chris Chong is a fully paid-up member of the digital revolution, but he believes its greatest strength is how it allows each of us the freedom to fulfill our true potential.

Chris Chong added, "Digital's greatest strength is its universal nature. The world is now literally our oyster and ours for the taking. We just have to think big, dream bigger, and keep embracing digital!"