Controversial Good Morning Britain presenter and professional Arsenal fan Piers Morgan has been silenced on Twitter for 24 hours while wearing a Tottenham shirt after losing a bet for Comic Relief.

The media personality accepted his fate after a significant helping hand from former Tottenham chairman Lord Alan Sugar saw donations reach the necessary £50,000 ($62,000) goal in aid of Red Nose Day.

With the fan-generated #shirtpiersup fund stranded on £20,000 on Thursday (23 March), Sugar, an arch-nemesis or Morgan on social media, made the dramatic intervention for charity.

In a video posted on Twitter he said: "We're just short of a few quid, so I'm going to top it up to make sure that 50 grand is there, to make sure that Morgan is not only gagged but also has to wear the Tottenham shirt."

Coming on the Apprentice host's 70th birthday, he added "What a wonderful birthday present for me… for him to completely go into silence mode. Unbelievable."

In response, a miserable Morgan tweeted "FFS", before posting "So @Lord_Sugar's paid £25k to make my £50k @comicrelief@GMB #shirtpiersup target. I have to wear Spurs shirt & come off Twitter tomorrow."

Tottenham hitman Harry Kane donated £20,000 to the cause, and also offered to double the donation should Morgan kiss the badge of his Tottenham shirt during Friday's live telethon.

But Morgan was quick to shut down the idea, saying "you can kiss my a** (feel free to donate though if you want me to wear the shirt)".

The 51-year-old then continued his offensive against the England star, posting a picture of Kane, who has 19 goals this season, wearing an Arsenal shirt as a child.

Kane's donation, combined with Sugar's input, ensured that the business mogul was able to secure a picture of Morgan gagged and wearing the shirt on Friday (24 March).

At the time of writing Morgan has stayed true to his word and is yet to tweet from his account.

"It's has been so quiet today," mused Sugar, clearly delighting in temporarily silencing Morgan. "I wonder why . He must be bursting to tweet . Wind up @piersmorgan he can't answer back today," he added.